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The quickest way to (help) make a song

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

Making the jump from a casual jammer to a song creator can be a challenging one... but what if you could be a casual jammer but still be a part of creating a hit single? Or finally finish the song that's rattlin' around in your head...

For some it's easy to play a couple chords, think of some lyrics from scratch, and have a basic song. Others excel when they're inspired by existing music - complimenting and filling in the gaps to create a more complete and full sound.

If you've ever picked up an instrument, you know that creating your own sound that you enjoy to play is one of the most satisfying things to hear. No matter your level, you can play an instrument that contributes to an amazing song.**

I've been playing for a couple years but I have never finished a song on my own or with the friends that I've jammed with. We always talk about how we'd want to make music, but never have...

There are 2 reason we haven't completed any songs yet:

  1. We don't feel like it! We like the idea of making a song but whenever we meet, the intention is just have fun. Once we start working on a song, it feels like "work" and we lose interest.

  2. We don't have complimenting musical talents. We all are great at coming up with a chord progression and a little riff. But we aren't great at bass lines, lyrics, and definitely not producing or mastering...

Where I see an opportunity, is creating a system for the casual musician to contribute to creating a song in a really fun way.

What if you could create a song by crowdsourcing it from different people remotely?

How I see this working is a place where people can sign up to contribute part to a song based on the role they want to bring - just like a real band!

For example, someone could sign up as an acoustic guitarist and then be matched with a singer-songwriter, a percussionist, and a producer.

Of the 4 musicians, someone would be designated as the lead to bring together their vision.

So if the singer had a song that they wanted guitar and drums for, they could take lead and inspire the other 3 to complete the song in their head. This "band lead" could be determined before or during the event where they collaborate.

If the guitarist had a sick riff and chord progression, they could play/share that with the producer to loop live and let the singer and drummer contribute lyrics and beats.

What's interesting about this idea, is you don't necessarily need to create a new platform - you could just create a community/event where people can meet and come together. Then host it on existing platforms like discord or clubhouse. You could even make a podcast out of it!

With the increase in internet speed and digital music creation, this could be an awesome opportunity to make a live music collaboration platform.

I'd recommend by starting with a scheduled event that the band lead and musicians are determined before jumping on a call. Later, it could grow into a place where people can drop in and find random other musicians to help finish their songs or contribute to make someone else's.

I think if you could get some local artists to do this with the community, other people would love to watch or listen live. Like Twitch, people can join just as commentators and give their thoughts and inspiration as well.

If you could make it easy for someone to hop on, meet some folk and play some music. I think musicians would really enjoy it and others could enjoy watching.

Let me know if this is something that strikes a chord with you. I'd be happy to help organize the first live song-creation event!

**You don't think you're good enough to play an instrument? Listen to the piano in iconic this song. And be inspired by this legendary percussionist..

UPDATE: I've learned something similar exists. Check it out:

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