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Summary & Current Goals

I’m an entrepreneurial-minded business generalist that enjoys working with ambitious people to solve complex technical challenges. My background is primarily biz dev, sales, & marketing for start-ups which involved creating and executing the systems that interconnected with the entire organization's operations. Through my varying experience in different industries and tech, I’ve learned how to learn efficiently. I’m an empathetic communicator which has enabled me to create connections and get the best from people - whether they’re a teammate, client, or partner - and lean on their expertise to adapt and produce results quickly. 


I value long-term environmental sustainability, community, adventure, trust, and autonomy. My goal is to support companies and individuals that prioritize collaboration and innovation to impact their industry. My preferred industries are tech, software, internet, consumer goods, entertainment, travel and tourism, freelancing, and sales/marketing; but if it's exciting and interesting, I'll learn any industry.


I’m also currently launching the Mutual Car-Club (top experience listed below). I’m always looking for good people to advise, mentor, invest, partner, and work with me. Please visit Mutual’s website for more information. 


If you have any questions or think any of my particular experiences could be useful to you, book a call with me here: 30-min intro meeting.

Club Manager & Founder

Mutual Technologies, Inc. (Mutual car-club)

Feb 2022 – Present

Mutual car-club is an app-based peer-to-peer car-sharing club for BC locals to rent, swap, and share cars with their trusted neighbours and network. Mutual makes it easy to share a local car when you need one, and share the costs of ownership when you don’t. Consider Mutual a combination of Airbnb and time sharing, but for cars.

  • Completed the federally funded Launch2Success Entrepreneurship program

  • Exhibited at the Vancouver Outdoor & Adventure Trade Show on my own and acquired +130 leads

  • Participating in a bootcamp to build the MVP (version 1 of the app) myself with the Bubble no-code application builder (pilot launch planned for June 2022)

Onshore Volunteer

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Vancouver Chapter

October 2021- Present

Sea Shepherd is a direct action non-profit with the goal of protecting marine wildlife and their ecosystems. As an onshore volunteer I support their fundraising and awareness initiatives working trade shows and events, selling merch, participating in clean-up events, and engaging with the public.

Sales Consultant

OrigamX by The Black Tank (On contract)

Nov 2020 – Present

The Black Tank created the OrigamX product line to bring theatrical lighting capabilities into architectural spaces in a discreet and compact form factor.  I was brought on to lead their sales and channel development, including the marketing efforts to support. I also developed their sales operations strategy, including the structure, process, and tools needed to achieve consistent sales and a reliable sales forecast. 

  • Designed and lead various presentations for sales channel partner, Lighting Designers and manufacturer partners including pitches, demos, and training

  • Developed relationships with lighting experts at sales channel partners firms and influential Lighting Designer firms for product development research and feedback

  • Deliverables completed include: internal channel partner sales training manual, CRM selection & set-up (Hubspot), product intro one-pager, product intro demo video, pricing/quote generating system update, SWOT analysis, monthly sales & partner pipeline report

    • Worked with in-house graphic designer and hired Upwork contractors to help assist with graphic and video rendering

Systems & Innovation Manager

Fresh Paint On Demand, Ltd. 

May 2020 - Apr 2021

I supported Fresh Paint’s transition to virtual sales and project management and set them up to scale during the pandemic. I worked closely with the owner, staff, and painting subcontractors to document their sales, operations, and project management processes to share best practices and find opportunities to innovate and automate company-wide and facilitate Canada-wide franchising. 

  • Applied and received grant money to cover 75% of costs to hire a tech intern and a marketing intern

  • Hired, onboarded, and managed a tech intern and their project: we developed a proprietary automated estimating and proposal building software using Airtables and PandaDoc resulting in an 80% time saving for sales people

  • Hired, onboarded, and managed a marketing intern and their project: we developed and documented systems to quickly and regularly research, write, and create reusable marketing content for multiple channels (blog, Newsletter, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram) 

  • Created the "Fresh Paint Playbooks" to standardize company operations resulting in a significant decrease in “callbacks” after a projects completion, an increase in new projects and 5-star reviews, and overall operational efficiency:

    • Wrote and created graphics for training, onboarding, and operations documentation of the entire Fresh Paint Ace role (first client contact to receiving a 5-star review for work completed): “Ace Playbook”.

    • Consolidated marketing and branding practices, and work done with marketing intern to create a “Marketing Playbook”.

    • Wrote and created graphics for training and onboarding documentation for painting subcontractors working for Fresh Paint: “Local Pro Manual”.

Business Consultant

Integra Consulting, Inc.

Dec 2018 - Apr 2020

Integra Consulting, Inc is focused on bringing subject matter expertise in technology and process improvement. My work adapted based on my client’s goal.

Market Development Analyst & Enterprise Account Executive

Zan Compute, Inc. (On contract through Integra)

Feb 2019-Apr 2020

Zan Compute combines Internet of Things (IoT) sensors and an Artificial Intelligence (AI) custodial platform to create “smart restrooms” that provide a better occupant experience at a reduced material and labour cost. Sensors installed in the restroom measure foot traffic as well as paper towel, toilet paper, soap, and trash liners usage to provide real-time alerts for custodial needs and use AI to create optimal dynamic cleaning custodian routes and schedule. 

Integra was brought on to provide strategic sales consulting and develop business in North American airports and other large public facing facilities. My initial role was to perform industry and competitive research and lead business development. I became the primary salesperson and the channel sales manager, leading to multiple key partnerships. 

  • Led sales and marketing strategy and execution for multiple industry trade shows around North America

  • Evaluate and report to the CEO a CRM comparison, then setup and integrated Zoho CRM for company-wide use

  • Redesigned, edited, and updated: pricing spreadsheet, quoting template, proposal template, 3 case studies (Facebook Headquarters, Boston-Logan Airport, & Seattle-Tacoma Airport), one-pager brochure, and pitch deck (partner & client) for ease of use and effectiveness.

  • Develop strategic partnerships with custodial and service industry leaders including ABM and Pride Industries

From cold to clients: outreach and onboard key clients including LVCVA and JFK Airport for pilot programs.

Process analyst

Vancouver International Airport Authority (On contract through Integra Consulting)

Dec 2018 - Feb 2019

The Vancouver airport made a number of vendor and procedural changes to ground-side operations that required creating and updating their process documentation, compliance processes, and communication across departments. Integra Consulting Services was brought on to lead YVR in standardizing and documenting the new processes, and communicating training and changes to the finance, environment, maintenance, and operations teams. My role was to consolidate the records and data from the old vendors and process, assist in building a new system for automating data collection and consolidation, and create updated training for the ongoing processes. 

  • Consolidated data from various operations platforms and created a data management tool creation using Excel

  • Wrote, formatted, and designed graphics for the updated operation procedures and training documentation using Microsoft and Google tools

Project Sales & Management (Lead Ace)

Fresh Paint On Demand, Ltd. 

Sep 2018 - Dec 2018

Fresh Paint is a Vancouver-based local painting company that provides the best screened professional painting crew for the residential and commercial painting and renovation project. 

An “Ace” is the project manager and broker between a local professional painting contractor and a painting client. I was responsible for the entire sales and production process from first contact to collecting payment for the painting services completed. 

  • Quoted, negotiated, closed, and managed both sides of the painting services marketplace.

  • Built relationships and trained painting contractors to provide best in industry customer service.

  • Standardized call scripts, email templates, and interior painting proposal for company wide use.

Sales Development Representative

Venzee Technologies, Inc.

Apr 2018 - Sep 2018

Venzee is an AI platform that automates manufacturers' digital sales channels by formatting and submitting product data compliant to the different requirements of their online retailers. 

After Venzee went public, I was one of the newest sales hires. I researched and cold-contacted manufacturers from various industries to determine and develop opportunities for Venzee’s technology to save them time with their product data submissions. 

  • Completed ~80 calls and emails per day to small business owners, sales channel managers, and C-level sales and marketing people. 

  • Created, tested, and refined personalized calling scripts and email templates that converted leads into prospects with defined next steps in the sales process. 

  • Completed and managed activities and quota (10 demos setup per week) through Hubspot.

Southeast Asia Backpacking Adventure

Oct 2017 - Mar 2018

I saved and budgeted for 5 months of travel through Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia & Thailand. Ask me about my travel recommendations!

Business Development Representative

Searchspring (Formerly Nextopia) 

Oct 2016 - Sep 2017

Nextopia provided a SaaS platform for increasing ecommerce websites conversions and average order value with on-site search and merchandising tools and automation. 

As an online shopper, it can be difficult to find what you want to purchase while searching through thousands of products. I researched and contacted online stores that had a large catalogue and lacked robust product search and filtering to develop the sales opportunity for Nextopia’s on-site search and merchandising software. 

  • Completed ~60 calls and emails per day connecting with small business owners, website managers, and C-level sales and marketing people. 

  • Created, tested, and refined personalized calling scripts and email templates that converted leads into prospects with defined next steps in the sales process. 

  • Completed and managed activities and quota (10 demos setup per week) through Salesforce & Salesloft.

Click the pdf downloader to view a recommendation letter from Nextopia’s Director of Sales, Darcy McNamara.

Bachelor of Commerce

York University

2013 - 2016

Franchise Manager

College Pro Painters

Dec 2014 - Sep 2016

I owned a residential/commercial student painting franchise during my time at York University. I was responsible for the business’ sales, financing, hiring, production, marketing, customer service, and all other administrative activities. My team and I produced and sold over $200,000 in residential/commercial painting services.

This picture is from when I got my ass beat in Thailand. Let me know if you want the story.

Joshua Dagg

Sales & Systems Consultant


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