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Commit to consistent focused action to determine what's meaningful to you, and achieve it. 

Focus and act on a goal that requires your unique resources, skills, experiences, and interests, and you'll learn what's meaningful to you. 

When someone asks you “what do you do?”, do you like the response you give?


You don’t need to answer this (way too) common question like everyone else does. I’ve learned how to answer this question proudly, and I’ll tell you how to as well in a sec. To understand, let me first tell you the story of escaping my 8-years of failures. 


When I first moved out of my parent’s place to go to university, I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur and run my own business. I wanted my work to matter, and I wanted to own it.


I felt like if I could make a couple hundred thousand dollars, I would have the time and money to create the business I actually cared about. 


In my 2nd year of uni, to break into entrepreneurship I started a College Pro Painting franchise: a student run residential home painting business. I was responsible for the business’ sales, financing, hiring, production, marketing, customer service, and all other administrative activities. 


It was an absolute grind, I was working 80-hour weeks during the summer and then part-time during the school year. I ran a mediocre-performing and unfulfilling franchise.


In my time with College Pro, I learned more about business than I did while getting my business degree. But I still didn't feel like an entrepreneur, and it definitely didn't feel meaningful. I quit after 2 years.


After reading the 4-hour Workweek I thought my ticket to freedom was building the "side-hustle" I needed to make the big money and escape the grind. 


For the next 6 years I was a part-time serial business failure while working full time on whatever job would accept me. 


When a stranger asks you: “what do you do?”, do you unvaryingly tell them about your job? I used to. Maybe if I clicked with them, I’d let slip “well, I have this idea I’m working on…”.


My side-hustles included discreet sex furniture manufacturing, wine paraphernalia dropshipping, drinking games affiliate/blogging, copywriting freelancing, a renter/tenant empowerment organization, and a bunch of other unused domain names.


I was impulsive and compulsive about my ventures. I’d work on any idea every evening and weekend for some time between 2 days to 2 months then give up because it wasn’t interesting anymore or making me money. I didn’t understand why my motivation left as fast as it came.


If you feel like you don’t understand why you get unmotivated, you’re not alone.


Through my failures I’ve learned what makes a business or project fail.


So, what’s the greatest culprit for failure? Inaction.

And the greatest culprit for inaction? Lack of focus.

Why do we lack focus? Because it’s not the right focus.


Instead of fighting myself to motivate myself to continue working on unfulfilling side-hustles. I learned to work with my strengths and translate my ADHD induced ideas into an entrepreneur inspiration blog. I finally found a project I could commit to with some consistency.


But I still wasn’t doing what I wanted. Once I started writing though, it didn’t take long to find my path. I’m now launching my first tech start-up and dream business in Vancouver, BC, the Mutual car-club. I am still working on projects that just pay the bills. But now when I’m asked, “what do you do?”, I answer with my business and my consulting.


Do you feel like you have too many options and you're constantly paralyzed with indecision about what to do next?

Do you feel like your only options are inefficient, boring, expensive, and out of reach?

Do you feel like you can’t stay committed to a project long enough for it to achieve something fulfilling?

Do you feel like you don't care to work? 

If so, let’s chat! Learn from someone who's been through it. You can book a call with me here: 30-min intro meeting.


I provide 1-on-1 coaching with the goal of determining what makes sense for you to commit to, and how to execute focused action to get to where you want to be.


Here’s are the questions we’ll delve into on our 30-min intro call – there’s no obligation for this to turn into a paid service. Though there’s a chance we won’t get through everything.

  • What’s your current situation?

  • What are your unique experiences, skills, and resources?

  • What are your known interests and motivations?

  • What are your values? (Why do you care?)

  • How do you put this all together to determine what your focus should be?

  • How do stay committed to your focus so you can be fulfilled and progress?

  • What goals and timeline make sense for you?

  • What support may make sense to get you there (from me or otherwise)?


When you answer: “what do you do?”, it should support your focus and be an opportunity to recruit people towards accomplishing your goals, not just share your resume. If you’d like support to help you find and stick to your focus, book a call with me now: 30-min intro meeting.

Look forward to connecting!


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