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1-click record. Eliminate the unnecessary.

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

Here's a quick app idea based on the concept that's drove a lot of innovation recently - cut out a step or party in a process to fulfill a buyer's need or want.

For example, everyone needs to eat. But we don't need to go to a grocery store or a restaurant. Businesses like Door Dash and Instacart saw the opportunity to cut out a step and provide value to consumers.

Manufacturer direct to consumers use this idea to have bigger margins and offer competitive pricing.

It's even behind the crypto movement.

We don't need banks or fiat currency, we just need to be able to store and exchange value with each other.

Take this concept and apply it to something that your friends and family spend time and money on. You can help them save time/money, and make a cut of the savings yourself!

Anyway, this idea occurred to me when I was going to record a TikTok. I ended up making a new video specifically for this idea! Check it out below (45 seconds).

So to get from the home screen to recording on my iPhone, it required 3-clicks or around 3 seconds.

Some people our obsessed with going viral.

Capturing the once in a life time moment...

Why does it need to take 3-clicks to do that?

That's long enough to miss the moment these people are looking for.

Create an app that is a link from your home page, that when clicked immediately starts recording, and I guarantee you can get people to pay for it, or get ad revenue.

And of course, this can be applied to facebook, insta, or just normal video.

Cut down a 3-step process to 1-step and you're providing value.

So go ahead - build the app yourself!

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