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Simplify your sales with a playbook. 

Your guide to understand your sales processes and your success. 

Hey there! Do you sell an innovative tech solution to a non-technical market?


Communicating your product's value in an unbiased and simple way is no simple task. How do you know your message is effective with a market that have never seen your solution or company before? And good luck getting honest feedback from your prospects…


If you've been as unimpressed with your conversions as your prospects have been with your sales pitch, I can help you determine why.


I'm an entrepreneurial-minded sales generalist that makes it easy for you to connect with your market in a compelling, consistent, and scalable way by simplifying your sales message and sales process.

I've experienced this disconnect between the solution provider and market in a wide range of industries. My experience includes SaaS, automation software, e-commerce, IoT, AI/ML, facilities management, architectural lighting, aviation, and mobile applications. I dig out the nuances of your industry or niche and empathize with your market using several tactics that I can discuss with you on an intro call.  


You can book a no obligation call with me here: 30-min intro meeting


It may make sense to book a call with me if any of the following ring true:

  • Your sales team requires training. 

  • You have a game-changing tech product, but your market doesn’t understand it.

  • Your elevator pitch doesn’t get the response you expect from prospects (or if everyone in your company has a different pitch for the same audience).

  • Your pitch deck is constantly being revised and updated because it's not converting.

  • Your marketing collateral resembles your technical guides with buzz words.

  • At your last tradeshow, you were disappointed with the amount leads your team connected with.

  • You don’t have a brand self-image “cheat sheet” for your team and new hires to understand exactly why they (and your market) should care about your company.

  • You're lacking a framework to determine what success looks like for your sales functions (are you hitting your KPIs?). 

  • You don’t have consolidated “Playbooks” for standardizing and connecting your organization’s biz dev, sales, and marketing systems. (See more in Systemize & Scale).


What you can expect from booking an intro call and beyond:

  1. First, schedule a call with me here! 30-min intro meeting

  2. I’ll take a cursory look at your website and public facing collateral before our call.

On our call…

  1. You share an overview of your customer acquisition, converting, and retention processes.

  2. You share a description of your current ideal customer’s persona (ICP).

  3. I’ll provide my initial feedback and any opportunities for simplification.

  4. We determine if there’s value in doing a sales systems audit and edit, or a complete overhaul. If there is value, I'll start preparing your curated consulting proposal to simplify your sales.


If your sales system is hitting your goals, then stick to your plan! If not, it may be worth a chat. Book a no obligation call with me now: 30-min intro meeting.

Kind regards, 



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