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The "No Regrets" blog or the "think before you speak" chat

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

Check out my quick take on the idea below (15 second vid)

Have you heard of the advice for writers to write first, edit later?

As I write this right now, I do the exact opposite. I type a few words, and then rethink, delete, ponder, type, typo (crap), fix, get distracted, delete more, keep typing, backspace, afhodsja[fioerjhcoashnc

This is not the best way to get ideas out. The best way for inspiration and clarity of ideas to come is to get everything in your head, out of your head, then edit and expand from there.

Quantity first, then cut down to quality later. Your first take typically isn't your best!

But as a means to get better at your first take...

So what if you literally couldn't edit what was typed... at all?

Once it was typed, it's there to stay.

I think it would be a little nerve wracking and scary at first but then ultimate freeing. No regrets, no time for second guesses. It's done.

Your thought, your idea, your message, is out there.

This could be done very simply with a "no-regrets extension" that could live inside a website or platform.

The extension would not allow you access to any text that has been typed already.

The only option would be to delete everything and start from scratch.

And you couldn't copy and paste text in either.

No backspacing. No editting. No 'ctrl + z'.

Obviously you wouldn't use this all the time... I see a couple interesting applications for this.

A blogging/social platform that every text editor is locked to use this tool to type blogs. It would be fun to encourage a culture of normalizing errors and promoting consistency and quantity.

The best way to become a better writer is to write more!

Or a messaging platform that users messages are sent nearly instantaneously as typed. Clicking "send message" would be just "finish message" because it would already be sent live!

You know, like an in-person conversation.

Once people got used to it, I think it would allow for more concise and clear communication.

People would likely be more prone to think before they speak.

If you end up creating this tool. Send it to me and I'll give you a shout out and help you monetize it.

But I truly believe that if you create something valuable, the money will come.

Which is why I share these ideas with you with no clear incentive.

I hope you enjoy them. Please share this with your friends and business partners if you do.

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