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Relevance (or longevity) as a service

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

It takes a lot to remain relevant now-a-days.

There is just so much NEW all the time. Especially on the internet.

Being a content creator for my own brand and other companies has shown me the amount of work and research it takes to create good content.

Content people will actively search for and spend time reading.

And the thing is, you can put your heart and soul into a well written and researched, informative piece of content... and in a couple months half of it could be out of date!

Especially for people creating content for products and business that are constantly adapting.

Things change rapidly. A business looking to use their content to create a relevant brand, need to adapt rapidly as well.

So here is a different take on conventional content creation that you can use to try and stand out in your field.

I forgot who said it, but there's a quote (to terribly paraphrase): Always look for opportunities to turn a single sale into a recurring revenue. (Please leave a comment if you know who originally suggested this!)

But anyway, the idea is that you need to look for ways to continue to provide value after the initial product or service.

For a relevant-required world, up to date content is extremely valuable.

Online search engines will rank newer (and newly updated) content higher.

Jumping on trending keywords and hashtags will let people find your content easier.

Basically what's now is what matters.

So back to you - maybe you are a freelance copywriter or a content creator.

You can offer an optional "relevance insurance" that allows your client to come back and request updates to the original work you did after a couple months or years.

Or you could create a recurring agreement where every month you add something new to your original work.

Or just one giant update after a certain product launch or new feature.

For the client, they get reassurance that their content will continue to provide value to their consumers.

For you it is another source of revenue and guaranteed income for future work.

What I love about this concept is you can get as creative as you'd like and apply it to nearly any product or service that isn't already a subscription model.

For example - If you stain decks, you can offer annual touch-ups for 3-years after the initial work.

If you run a coffee shop, you can offer unlimited coffees for a monthly fee.

You've got to get creative to stand out and be relevant.

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