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Not all bodies are a standard size. Clothes "torn" for you.

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

Do you prioritize your comfort over your looks at home?

I want clothes that I feel chill and comfortable in. I am a soccer and football player so I have a massive butt and thighs relative to my ideal waist and inseam length.

Bottoms that fit my waist well are too tight for my thighs and butt.

Bottoms that are comfortable around my thighs and glutes are too loose around my waist or are too long.

This is a problem I've had my entire life and I know many athletes and other thicc people that share the same problem.

Bottoms that fit me best are typically made of polyester, elastane, and other fossil-fuel derived materials used to make most stretchy, waterproof, and athletic gear. Unfortunately, these materials take as long as other plastics to breakdown.

Check out this infograph to understand the scale and problem with fossil-fuel derived products:

In comparison, cotton is biodegradable, compostable, and easier to mend when ripped.

I have an older pair of cotton shorts that have been softened over many washes and wears. Because of my massive thighs, I've ripped the fabric down the outside inseam of my legs... as you can see...

These "natural tears" actually make them very comfortable for me to sit cross-legged, squat, and move without feeling constricted, with the bonus of providing easy access to my girlfriend...

I believe other athletes would enjoy bottoms that have "natural tears" in the clothing to allow for full mobility without constriction and to feel more comfortable and open when relaxing.

While discussing with my girlfriend, we realized it would be comfortable for her and myself to have the same inseam "natural tear" but for a top.

Open concept clothing with these "natural tears" are very comfortable! Natural tears can be made a fashion statement, like shredded and worn jeans.

It could make it much easier to thrift shop if you can go pick out clothes that fit good enough, then tear and them to your fit. A local seamstress could them make stop tearing beyond what you want by reinforcing the end of the tears.

More on this idea to come! Let me know your thoughts. Some questions below to guide your comments:

Would you like clothes that gave you the breeze between your knees and pits?

Would you kintsugi your old clothes that didn't fit well to give them new life?

Would you purchase a pair of shorts or a hoodie that had an open slit in the outside inseams? Would you want a button to close the opening for "privacy"?

Like this but with a cleaner "tear".

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