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Autopilot for decisions

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

Watch the TikToks for a summary. Part 2 at the bottom.

If you decided to go out to a restaurant to eat right now, where would you go?

Does it matter which restaurant you decide?

Let me ask you... how much time do you think you spend in a day on decisions that… don’t matter all that much?

You need to make these types of decisions quite a bit.

Have you ever been in endless conversations with friends or a partner where you can’t come to a decision on where to eat... or what movie to watch... or what park to go to?

Decisiveness is sexy. People are attracted to others that know what they want.

Indecisiveness is wasteful! You waste time and energy on not making a decision.

Answering these menial decisions are necessary. And after all, people spend time on things they don't care about all the time...

But what if you could cut the time wasted on making unimportant decisions?

Let me share this idea I had.

Imagine you could easily record all your preferences, and quickly recall your preferences when you need to make a decision.

For example:

You finished eating at this amazing and affordable sushi place downtown.

If you're like me, 2 weeks later when you're craving sushi again, you'll forget which place you went to. Or, you'll forget how much you liked it!

I'm thinking of an App that could link with Siri, Google, Alexa, etc. where you could say to it:

"Hey Siri, my favourite sushi place on Davie Street is Tom Sushi" (Or type this directly in the app).

And the app could do a couple things.

It would record and categorize your preference under "Restaurants", with a subcategory "Sushi" or "Japanese".

It would favourite the location of Tom Sushi in the App as well as your favourite maps app.

Then a couple things could happen from this app.

You would naturally be more inclined to recognize when you had a really good experience.

You could share this information with other people to give them recommendations.

You could use this information to better understand yourself.

Remember your preferences, know yourself.

And of course... you can make this decision quicker next time.

Some other categories this app could help with:

  • Meal planning

  • Entertainment

  • Gifts (you could record other peoples preferences also!)

  • Clothing & colours

If this interests you. Build it!

I have ideas like this all the time so I'd rather someone else make it a reality than it just sit in my head.

Just make sure to tell me when you do, because I'll be your first user.

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